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Risk Management

Syncomint Financial Services offers a set of integrated business and technology services to control manage and predict risk. Clients can select from a comprehensive end-to-end solution or individual components. Our risk management department offers a wide range of services that enable to evaluate risks, improve existing controls and increase the level of security of processes, procedures and systems whilst achieving the organization goals. We offer the following services:

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

ERM is a capability that involves identifying, measuring, monitoring, reporting, and responding to risks in an enterprise that is aligned with the enterprise’s objectives and risk. ERM should address all major risk types including compliance, financial, hazard, operational, as well as strategic risks across all major business units and functions within an enterprise. Our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Maturity framework, financial institutions gain an enterprise-wide view of risk in each of its dimensions across the balance sheet. We help to develop an integrated framework and operating model, and build roadmap and business case for ERM transformation. Our services also include the execution capabilities to support enterprise risk management transformation, including data and systems integration, and virtualization of certain aspects of enterprise risk operations. ​This holistic view provides your institution with the total risk exposure and impact on key financials and stock price valuations.

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Market Risk Management

Today, having an effective Market Risk (MR) Management framework is not just necessary for Basel II compliance, it’s an essential component to weathering the highly volatile market. Syncomint Market Risk Management offers firms establish a framework and address the integration between credit and market risk and analyze the impact of potential losses spilling from credit to market and market to credit. Our areas of expertise cover the major risk management areas such as credit, market liquidity and operational risk and specific areas such as collateral management and risk analytics.

Credit Risk Management

Together with several top 50 banks, Syncomint developed a Credit Risk (CR) Framework for institutions looking to proactively manage credit risk across the enterprise. We can help your firm build an effective Credit Risk Management program by:

Our offerings addresses common risk challenges to help institutions reduce costs and speed implementation of risk monitoring and reporting. Syncomint offer simulation-based risk measures at the required depth and breadth for middle office risk analysis, and the required speeds for front office pricing.

Operational Risk Management

With so many sources of Operational Risk (OR), financial services institutions need to target their efforts to be most effective. Our tailored methodology brings firms into compliance while delivering the right information for managers to create value. When it comes to minimizing the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events, Syncomint can show you how to decrease your operational risk losses.

Why Syncomint?

Syncomint's risk and financial management helps clients achieve new and sustainable business value by formulating finance management strategies, managing change, also helping you to set direction for new transformations and business models. We work collaboratively with clients, providing solutions to many difficult finance and risk challenges your organization is facing. We provide expert analysis, business planning, vision development, project planning, business case creation, and ultimately linking strategy to execution in ways that build continuous improvement and success.

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