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Off Campus Fresher Staffing

This is a unique program that offers enough flexibility to our customers to hire trained and Certified freshers at any time of the year. Usually campus selections happen during a particular time of the year. Owing to the limited window, there is always a maddening rush to pick the cream. Running a hectic assessment processes within a small window of time is probably not the best selection method, particularly when it’s from a mixed pool of students who haven’t even decided what they want to do in life. It surely calls for a more focused and a streamlined approach.


Here comes the uniqueness of our solution. Assume 365 days of Campus Drive

We target candidates who have already chosen their field of professional interest and have undergone specific training in the domain/ technology area. These candidates come with necessary skill training undergone from our in-house specialized training. We also partner with reputed training facilities for backup talent. We conduct technical and psychometric assessments on them through our state-of-the-art tool and a scientifically developed question bank. These tests are customized based on individual client needs. Optionally we also offer campus-to-corporate training before the selected candidates are deputed at client locations.

To find the right fit for you, we go far beyond resume assistance or career counseling. We make it our job to understand your unique background and career goals in order to ensure a precise match that benefits you, as well as our clients. Our specially-developed assessments and tools gauge your skills, strengths and interests to reveal permanent opportunities where you're most likely to be satisfied and successful. Then we tap into our extensive network of employers to open the right doors for you by talking with them and promoting your qualifications. We also give you a jump start when you're placed into a position. We will work with you and your employer to prepare you as best as possible as you transition into your new workplace and position. During your first six months of employment, you will also have access to hundreds of courses through our Training and Development Center. So you get an extra advantage to advance your career. And we are always available to consult with you on career development to help you keep moving toward a bright future.

Our Training Process


IT Skill Set – One is good, but two is better

We take a holistic approach in training, we just done train a candidate on Java/JEE we also equip him on SQL, Pl/SQL to complete the role of a java/JEE developer, which would also serve as a secondary skill set.

(In big enterprises we have a lot of resources on bench, we take this approach to training so that their secondary skill set can be considered and resource in put back to project)

Codes of Behavior – Our guys are Experts

We also train on Personality Development so our Fresher’s already know corporate etiquette.

Process, takes us from Confusion to Understanding

IT is all about process. Nearly 40% of the folks working in IT don’t have sound process knowledge. Here at Syncomint we train freshers on Processes like ITIL, Project Management and Project Portfolio Management, which helps them to understand the hierarchy and big picture in turn contributing to the efficiency of work.

The cultural area will support events and agreements, initiatives and social projects that have the promotion of employment as their central nucleus.

The study centers will aim at becoming a recognized and stable Monitoring Center in the market through research and partnership activities with third parties, Universities and Entities.

The training will be dedicated to responding both to updating training internal personnel and contribute to an offer of specialization for an external public of professionals and entrepreneurs.

As a leader in employment services, we make our job to find you the right job: the job that fits not only your skills and experience, but also what's important to you. So whether you're interested in short-term projects, want to try out a position before going permanent or need a better work / life balance, Talent Pool has the experience, the resources and the options for you.

When you're a Syncomint associate on temporary assignments, you have an ongoing opportunity to expand your talents, work experience - and your options. Whether you want to work in an office or industrial environment, with a Fortune 500 firm or a local company, downtown or in the country, Syncomint has the connections to help you achieve your goals. Our unique skills assessment and job matching tools let us pinpoint job opportunities that suit your abilities and interests. And we promote your skills with employers that interest you. The end result? We'll place you on assignments where you can be satisfied and successful.

Our motto regarding Fresh College Graduates is why hire Freshers when Syncomint is providing Certified Freshers.

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