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General problems for HR's, while hiring?

  1. Flooding of profiles with 80% of unmatched skill sets.
  2. Freshers where a lot of investment on training has to be done.
  3. Job Portals are costly, cumbersome and time consuming.
  4. Background verification process.

General problems for Hiring Managers?

  1. If the skillset is Niche, quality and quantity of available resources is less.
  2. Resources with process knowledge is very less.
  3. Resource with etiquette is also very less.

What does Syncomint has to offer Employers?

  1. For each experienced req - Syncomint provides only 3 resumes as the filtering process is done by our internal experts to save time for Corporations.
  2. For every profile we provide a background verification copy is provided to save time and money while hiring.
  3. Our training not only focused on Technical expertise but also on etiquette and IT Processes.
  4. You have the ability to choose from Professionals who are certified.
  5. Besides experienced professionals we provide Fresh Graduate staffing also, a one-stop shop for resources.
  6. Syncomint guarantees the resource delivery.
  7. Provide business users ready access to the knowledge resources and services they require to do their jobs effectively, make better decisions and be more competitive.
  8. Optimize the value of your organization’s collective knowledge at a reduced total cost at every point in the information asset lifecycle.
  9. Secure and protect your files, data and information and cost-effectively comply with increasing regulations.
Syncomint also serves as your managed partner for Campus and Fresher hiring needs
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