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Direct Hire Staffing

IT Direct Placement Services

In today’s competitive IT job market, companies face many challenges when searching for top IT talent. To get the right people quickly, IT leaders must partner with providers who take the time to really understand their business, technical environment and culture


Syncomint Direct Placement Services

We help you identify talented, highly experienced IT professionals who are an ideal match with your organization’s culture. Though we often focus on contract positions, which give you the opportunity to gauge the IT professional on a temporary basis with no commitment from you, when you need to fill a direct hire position, we streamline the entire process for you.

We Market Your Value Proposition

Syncomint search account managers and recruiters understand today’s extremely competitive IT job market and the challenges you face when searching for top IT talent. Many critical positions are extremely difficult to fill. We take the time to know your business, to fully understand your culture and what makes an ideal fit for you and your team. With this detailed insight, we help you create an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that can compel top IT talent to want to work for you over the competition.

The Value we Bring

  1. Proven Track Record Our dedicated direct placement services gross over $35 million in annual revenue and place nearly 3,000 skilled IT professionals each year. In addition to Fortune 500 companies, we possess extensive experience placing candidates for small to mid-size companies.
  2. The Right Match quickly Our tenured search account managers speak with thousands of IT employers and professionals every week. To enable us to find the right people fast, we keep a constant pulse on where the best IT professionals are, what they’re paid and what would attract and retain them.
  3. Access to Talent We have relationships with more than 81 percent of the IT workforce, enabling us to go beyond finding who’s available; we find the absolute right person for your opportunity
  4. Proven Process Our proprietary quality process ensures we select candidates based on the right criteria for a full-time hire. We leverage referrals for sourcing and thoroughly screen candidates for technical skill, business acumen and cultural fit.
  5. Long-Term Partnerships Our search account managers take the time to learn about your technical environment, your business and your company’s culture. This insight enables us to make better placements whether we are helping you find a business analyst or an IT director


The process involved in recruitment can be very resource intensive and time consuming, sometimes taking months to complete, and because you want to be sure to hire the right person, the stakes are high.

 It’s important to give the steps involved in the recruitment process the proper attention, even though it may be difficult to do while still focusing on the core responsibilities of your business. A summary of recruitment process steps is listed below:
  1. A vacancy arises
  2. Job descriptions are written or rewritten if necessary
  3. The vacancy is advertised
  4. Applications are reviewed and candidates interviewed
  5. References are consulted if necessary
  6. Round two interviews are given to top candidates
  7. Offer is extended and orientation/induction training begins

The recruitment process steps outlined above provide a general guideline to cover the majority of recruiting situations. Although every business will have specific needs when it comes to recruitment, these steps should give business owners an idea of the overall process.

Syncomint’s recruitment process

At Syncomint, we manage the process involved in recruitment so you can focus on running your business. Our customized recruitment process steps begin with a team of two, highly trained and qualified consultants, working side by side on your account.

Both consultants operate out of a local branch office near you, enabling them to spend time with you and your current employees on-site to get an insider’s view of your recruitment needs, and they are trained and knowledgeable in the best recruitment solutions. They are also responsible for the implementation of your custom recruitment plan, so there is unequaled accountability and never a gap in service.

Select Skills

  •  Business intelligence (BI)
  •  Cloud computing
  •  Database Administrators
  •  Data architecture
  •  Data warehousing
  •  Developer–Database
  •  Network Administrators
  •  Network Analysts
  •  Network Architects
  •  Network Optimization Engineers
  •  Systems Administrators
  •  Systems Analysts
  •  Technical Architect
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