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Customer Relationship Management

All customers are not created equal. Some represent a reliable source of profitable revenue; others do not. You must strike a delicate balance, in your contact centers—reduce the cost of attracting, retaining and rewarding your best customers while also improving the customer experience to create loyal and satisfied advocates.

Syncomint Customer Relationship provides efficient, effective services that enable you to recruit, retain and reward your best customers anywhere in the world. We transform your customer contact center into a revenue-generating, multichannel customer retention center. We process and fulfill orders in direct-to-consumer operations. We replicate and distribute software worldwide. We automate your warranty claims processing.

You must address the unique needs and preferences of all customers throughout the customer life cycle—marketing, sales, order processing, shipping and logistics, and customer service Syncomint Customer Relationship provide a proven approach to catch—and surpass—the competition.

Socializing CRM

The new engagement paradigm.

Consumer adoption of social media has rapidly shot up in recent years. Businesses previously engaged in one-way information dissemination with customers. Today, multi-way conversations between consumers, with or without the involvement of the business, are the norm.

There is now a category of super consumers, or influencers, who play a disproportionate role in the ecosystem given their large networks and online reputations. Current CRM approaches are incapable of capturing the various signals that are emanating from these multiple touch points and new stakeholders.

Businesses require a social CRM approach that can effectively enable them to capture insights and manage the customer relationship successfully by leveraging the viral nature of the medium.

Enhance Your Customer Relationships

Small- to mid-sized companies (SMBs) have fewer people and smaller budgets than their largest competitors, but they face the same competitive challenges. They must:

To keep pace, SMBs can implement SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software using our accelerated, pre-configured approach. 

Seamlessly Manage Enterprise Processes

CRM EDGE brings you all the power of SAP without the big price tag, getting your SAP CRM up and running fast through:

Developed and supported by our collaborative Center of Excellence, CRM EDGE brings you our knowledge and experience from hundreds of successful SAP implementations.

Why Syncomint?

We provide an  efficient and effective service helping you to retain your best customers anywhere in the world. We help you transform your customer contact center into a revenue-generating center. We process and fulfill orders in direct-to-consumer operations. We take care of your unique needs and preferences throughout the customer life cycle may it be marketing, sales, order processing, shipping and logistics, or customer service.

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