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Analytics consulting

In the current climate, it is particularly difficult for organizations to make the right decisions, select the best options or gain competitive advantage.

Big Data & Analytics enables our clients to approach problems and make decisions with the confidence that they are acting on evidence from logical and structured analysis.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

The core of our approach is the ability to abstract a model of the real-life problem that is intuitive to use, yet sufficiently realistic to support robust decision-making. These models are used to provide insight, and to quantify the risks and benefits associated with solutions to complex business problems.

Our engagements draw on the experience and expertise of our Business Analytics consultants to provide insight and advice to clients, using techniques such as visual process simulation, optimization and scheduling, system dynamics, data mining and segmentation, forecasting and statistical analysis. content-img

Our Track Record and Value Delivery

The strength of our Big Data & Analytics practice is that our people combine exceptionally strong analytical skills with the ability to work collaboratively with our clients to solve complex problems and communicate recommendations in a straight forward manner.

Syncomint Consulting’s Big Data & Analytics practice, with over years of experience, has a long and successful track record of delivering benefits to our clients.

Marketing Analytics

Embedding Analytics for Intelligent Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are strategically important to any marketer. However, satisfactory response rates from such communication strategies have traditionally been a challenge.

Consumer behavior is constantly changing. Customers have begun to expect customized messaging as an essential ingredient of any business interaction.

The mix of advanced analytics and continuous feedback mechanisms built into the Syncomint Marketing Analytics solution increases the probability that your consumer is receiving the most relevant and timely offers. Over time this leads to increasingly intelligent campaigns.

Customer Analytics

Making your customer interactions more effective and mutually beneficial

Organizations face ever-increasing customer expectations – customers who expect the “service that’s right for me”. However, these demanding social consumers are demonstrating greater willingness to embrace innovative products, services, channels, and ways of engaging with suppliers and each other.

The challenge is to determine the most effective ways to treat and interact with individual customers. To do this requires a truly customer-centric view that can only be achieved with a well-informed and intelligent understanding of the customer.

Syncomint Customer Analytics solutions help you understand your customer, how to retain and engage them and how to make interaction with them more effective and mutually beneficial.

The success of major programs can depend on the success of Benefits Management

For many large organizations, the level of rigor demanded in approving business cases for major programs is often not matched by the subsequent effort put into managing benefits over the life cycle of the program.

Benefits management should be much more than simply checking numbers - it should focus on maximizing benefits rather than just monitoring them. However, in too many instances, it becomes a peripheral activity whose importance is not understood by the major stakeholders.

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