Identify, manage and mitigate risk to support key decision-making processes.

Syncomint offers a dynamic approach to helping businesses and governments face enterprise-wide risks head-on, assisting clients to better manage key processes, data protection and information for better decision making–protecting against the adverse impacts of disruption, while making greater use of strategic data to support your decision-making processes.

Our services include:
Financial Statement & Internal Control Audit – Syncomint provides audit and reviews of financial statements and reporting on internal controls in accordance with current law and applicable professional standards, helping you to stay ahead of the curve.

Finance Operations and Controls Transformation – Finance Operations and Controls Transformation – We provide assessment and testing, and assist companies in enhancing controls and processes, thereby seeking to evolve the way they address business and financial statement risk, bringing greater value with transformed processes and performance.

Financial Accounting & Reporting Services – Syncomint provides assistance in the preparation of regulatory filings and financial statements, including the implementation of complex accounting standards for Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and International Financial Reporting Standards, helping companies to manage change while improving performance.

Financial Instrument Valuation & Securitization – We provide quantitative modeling, valuation, and other services including structured products and derivatives, commodities and other investment products. We also provide assessments and analyses, and assistance in building capabilities internally, such as models, processes and systems.

Regulatory compliance:

Risk-based IT Audit Planning: Syncomint supports risk-based IT auditing and allows selecting IT processes, assets, projects and other audit entities to define the scope of the audit based on risk assessments.

IT Audit Projects: Information Technology (IT) audit projects can be schedule periodically based on the annual audit plan or triggered on an ad-hoc basis for specific processes, projects or applications.

IT Audits and Assessments: The application from Syncomint enables IT auditors to record qualitative or quantitative findings along with detailed observations and recommendations in predefined formats alongside the checklist of evaluation criteria and questions.

IT Audit Reviews: The solution routes audit findings, observation reports and auditors recommendations for review and subsequent actions. Findings are sent to the process owners to seek responses on findings or issues observed.

IT Audit Reports and Metrics: The solution provides comprehensive capabilities for compiling IT audit reports and work-papers.

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