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Syncomint IT Consulting Services provides an integrated approach to help you do business on a global level. We offer a global delivery methodology with a practical focus on delivering improved efficiencies 24/7. With a methodology that is designed to leverage the latest technology, best practices and collaboration, we provide a nimble approach that expedites time and production while cutting costs.

Our services include:

Business Process Management – Private and public sector organizations need to grow their environments to work within a complex and interconnected marketplace. Syncomint offers a unique approach to help scale your processes to bring about lasting Return-On-Investment.

Change & Release Management – From process flow to identifying needed policies to creating procedures, to documenting work instructions where needed, Syncomint helps organizations mitigate the many complexities associated with SOX, OCC, and other audits to easily align with federal government standards.

Customer Relationship Management – Syncomint understands the many uncertainties and risks associated with remaining customer-focused. So we offer unique approaches that help organizations to remain on top of the changing needs of their customers.

Cobit and PPM Processes – As more organizations look for an IT governance framework, Syncomint offers supporting COBIT toolsets to enable managers to navigate complex factors that range from technical issues, control requirements, and business risks. And with a firm focus on PPM Processes from strategic value and impact on resources to costs and other factors, Syncomint’s approach is designed to help organizations acquire and view vital data about all of its projects according to specific criteria, helping them to become consciously aware of key issues associated with project formation.

Risk Management – Syncomint offers a dynamic approach to helping businesses and governments face enterprise-wide risks head-on, assisting clients to better manage key processes, data protection, and incomplete information for better decision making, and protecting against the adverse impacts of disruption.

Business Strategy – From consulting and staffing to cloud-based solutions, Syncomint offers organizations the ability to compete in a global marketplace, offering an enhanced capability to mitigate complex environments, manage risk, and create strategic approaches that are accessible to any size organization.

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