Syncomint Cloud Solutions…. Meet Demand Quickly. Scale dramatically. Enhance Your Resources.

Get into the Cloud with Syncomint.

From PAAS and IAAS to SAAS, Syncomint’s Cloud Solutions are among the industry’s top-performing resources for small-to-medium size businesses and providers of Enterprise IT. Whether you want self-serve or full automation, we help customers build a scalable cloud infrastructure that enables you to focus on the more important aspects of your day-to-day business.

Our solutions include:

PAAS – Let’s say a new team member starts today. Syncomint’s Platform as a Service solution allows desktop services, security pro, and IT Ops to work even closer than ever before, and putting in less time and resources to deliver simple services that would normally take hours to complete, from software and hardware to user ID and passwords, giving them the ability to login to the machine from any computer or laptop. Scalable, secure and hassle free.

IAAS — Thinking about change clouds, backup intervals or recovery? Syncomint can manage IT infrastructure such as servers, providing a nimble application deployment and development platform through a web-based management interface that makes change easier to manage.

SAAS – Ready to deploy open source and commercial applications? Syncomint’s approach offers fast, no-hassle deployment, providing robust management tools and monitoring to maintain up-time around the clock.

Corporate – Need hosting infrastructure that guarantees maximum reliability and performance? Syncomint provides easy to use, flexible and cost-effective solutions with a variety of options. From buying and building your own data center, to outsourcing to a co-location provider with dedicated and managed server offerings to cloud-based solutions, we can help ease the burden of managing an ever-growing IT environment with a flexible set of solutions.

E-commerce – Global, anytime access. Syncomint offers real-time visibility and full-featured financials to help you dramatically lower maintenance fees, providing deep industry solutions for eCommerce that is accessible to companies of all sizes.

Rich Media – From audio, video, hi-res imaging, playback and more. Syncomint delivers rich media services that unlike other providers offers customized solutions with full corporate security, accessible via Windows media player or Internet browsers.

SaaS Application – As cloud-based HR management and recruiting systems grow in popularity, so too has Syncomint’s ability to help companies compete with a more efficient recruiting process. From unified talent management to metrics and talent intelligence, Syncomint provides SaaS applications to make your recruiting process efficient and effective.

Enterprise Business Solutions – Syncomint blends a unique combination of solutions and services that start from your company Web site, infrastructure and hosting, to platforms to develop software/IT applications and data centers and environments for testing, helping more organizations avoid excessive costs while realizing enhanced productivity.

Find out how Syncomint Cloud Solutions continue to be among the most sought-after in the industry.