Change & Release Management

Navigate SOX, OCC, and other audits to get into compliance with federal government standards

Syncomint Change and Release Management helps companies to define important processes– from process flow to identifying needed policies to creating procedures, to documenting work instructions where needed, from SOX, OCC, and other audits to easily align with federal government standards.

Process flows – We help organizations adopt a standard way of defining key process flows to create a strong starting point.

Identifying needed policies – From authorized change records to statements about how things should work, we help clients determine where policies will be needed, often derived from requirements-gathering. From process flows, to providing guidance in how policies are to be created, we can help determine how decisions will be made.

Creating procedures – Syncomint can help develop narrative descriptions of step-by-step actions to be taken to follow key processes, the very details of how to actually execute a winning process.

Documentation – We assist in creating work instructions with very specific guidance on how to achieve a specific task. From change management processes to specific change records to tool-specific procedures, we can help create documentation to help you change tools in the future without having to rewrite procedure documents.

Change management – From evaluation to proposed changes, we help organizations make sure the change is technically feasible, we help assess the business risks versus the potential rewards.

Release and Deployment management – From the number of releases and projects will be used to deploy a service to how often the service will be enhanced with new features, Syncomint can help you determine overall business goals of the service, including how to manage risks, and evolving architecture and design.

Find out how Synomint Change and Release Management offers a better way to define important processes to help you get in alignment with federal government standards